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Zombies Ate My Hamburger

About the Album

Zombies ate my Hamburger cover Zombies ate my Hamburger cover

It was shortly after the completion of Trophies from Sheol (after taking a hiatus of course) that I decided to create another electronic album … with a twist. I wanted to create an album (sticking with the EP recording time that I had been doing) that was written in the style of music from an 80s/90s video game. There were certain limitations that I imposed on this creation.

  • It has to fit in the 8-bit/16-bit video game realm.
  • Each track should blend pretty well into the next track.
  • Each track should loop well (the album is meant to be listened to with each track on an indefinite repeat).

This album almost never came to fruition due to the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2008 (not to be confused off the housing crash of the same year). The first 2 tracks were forever lost (those were the only ones that were completed) as well as 2 others that were in a state of 'partial' … I almost abandoned the project entirely. Interesting side note, it was about a month before the album was complete that I discovered a genre called "Chip Music" or "Chip Tunes". I never imagined that there was such a vast group of individuals so committed to this nystalgia … this album is my little contribution to the scene.

Limited Edition

Released under Sick City and NEWM Record Store, Zombies Ate My Hamburger (Limited Edition) was released on the Cardano blockchain. This new version dropped on 7/14/2023. At the same time, the album was pulled from the Dan store/website. It is now only available through the partnership with Sick City and NEWM. This limited edition album also includes a studio version of "The Tears". An acoustic version of The Tears was released as part of Unreleased Volume 1. This song has been a rare gem from the get-go.

Original Artwork

The artwork for the original release was created by Bill Griffiths. The packaging, inspired by the packaging for Nintendo Entertainment System games, featured a zombie going after a hamburger which had a mysterious glow.

The artwork for the limited edition version (also created by Bill Griffiths), features an extreme close-up of a zombie noshing on a burger. You also have to love the "100% Choice" stamp in the corner.



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