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What Is, Was, Could Be

About the Album

Unreleased Volume 0b, Dan Swift

Looking back at my recording journal which has, being generous, maybe a dozen entries … this album almost didn't happen. Around the middle or late 2015), I was given the task to do something with music for at least 30 minutes every week. Fast-forward 18+ months and another EP was born. You can sum the four songs, respectively, with these points:

  • What if everything you knew about everything came to you only through your front window?
  • Sometimes in order to do what's best, we need to do things that are less-desirable
  • Opposite ends of the dash share many commonalities
  • What happens when you combine chapel phone calls at Welton Academy (pop-culture reference) with a poor performing business?

What Is, Was, Could Be is a four song EP written in a style similar to that of a 90s alternative-rock album. Inspiration for this album came from all kinds of people, events, and scenarios … including those mentioned above.



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