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Unreleased Volume 2

About the Album

Unreleased Volume 2, Dan Swift

A Front Row Seat to a 2nd Life included Unreleased Volume 2, which had 3 additional tracks including The Pink Cliffs of Li Galli (Piano Version), Secret Millionaire (Piano Version), and The Heckler.

I originally wrote Your #1 Fan long before I discovered 'Heckle Fish'. It wasn't until I was in the recording phase that I discovered this piece of genius. The celebrity fish brought me many laughs and the timing was uncanny. How could I not reference him? Instead of reworking Your #1 Fan, I decided to create a new version of the song that has a little more attitude and includes a new second verse, second chorus, and bridge.

The Heckler was born.

R.E.M. had 7 Chinese Brothers along with Voice of Harold. Similarly, I present to you, Your #1 Fan and The Heckler.


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