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Unreleased Volume 1

About the Album

Unreleased Volume 1, Dan Swift

Whenever an album first hits the streets, I like to include a little something extra … what would have been in the form of B-Sides. In the post-CD era, B-Sides no longer exist … neither do A-Sides as pointed out by Mike Mills.

Trophies from Sheol Collector's Edition included Unreleased Volume 1 which had 3 additional tracks including an acoustic version of The Tears and alternate takes of both Shower Rock Star and Monster.

The Tears was originally a demo take that never made it onto any actual albums.

Update for The Tears: as of the summer of 2023, there are rumors of a studio version of The Tears which will be released exclusively on the blockchain. Look to the recording journal for more information on this.

The alternate takes that appear in this release were demo recordings featuring vox and piano along with a crude piano solo in Monster. The non-piano versons of Shower Rock Star and Monster were originally released on Influences of Six in 2006.


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