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Unreleased Volume 0b

About the Album

Unreleased Volume 0b, Dan Swift

Zombies Ate My Hamburger Collector's Edition included Unreleased Volume 0b, which had 2 additional tracks. The first original track was entitled Untitled Chip Music 6 and the second, Untitled Chip Music 8. Both of these (among other tracks) were to be used in an independant video game (not Duncannon). Unfortunately, this also followed the same trajectory as Duncannon and was also cancelled. Similarly, that means that the music that went along with it was cancelled as well.

While the tracks were written in 2004, they were released as part of the Zombies Ate My Hamburger Collector's Edition (January 2010). This is also why the unreleased volume names seem fairly illogical. In retrospect, the naming convention follows the timeline of when the music was actually written as opposed to when the music was released.

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