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Tea Time with a Vampire

About the Album

Tea Time with a Vampire is the chilling radio serial of the century! Done in the style of the old radio programs, this series takes place in nineteenth century Transylvania, at the castle of the infamous and tapestry loving Count Dracula.

When mild-mannered accountant Stanley is sent to audit the mysterious Count Dracula, he gets more than he bargained for … right in the neck! Stanley's disappearance catches the attention of Inspector Fondue and Colonel Anderson, which is amazing considering the length of their attention spans! hahaha…ha… Join our … heroesidiots … main characters as they try to solve the mysterious mystery! Reel in horror as they encounter terrible monsters! Scream with fright as they do other scary things, sometimes in the dark! So prepare yourself, for the scariest radio serial you will ever hear … at least until you hear Tea Time with a Vampire 2! Don't listen in the dark… alone!


Several ideas were brought up in regards to making a second radio serial. The idea of an actual Tea Time with a Vampire 2 was never really intended, though it was good to mention … then there was also “Tee” Time with a Vampire …


The release of the original CD included the trailer, nine episodes, and outtakes from the various studio sessions. Outtakes included a monumental amount of terrible acting, ridiculous happenings, and lots of profanity. The idea of character interviews never made it onto the final CD. We also planned on including an interview with the creator, William Zeiders, in regards to “Tee” Time with a Vampire. While there were many funny notions in regards to this mock interview, it never made it onto the CD.

Copyright © 2022

The copyright for this entertaining radio serial is registered by:

  • Matt Brown
  • Brian Haugh
  • Justin Hose
  • Dan Swift
  • Bill Zeiders



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