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Like any good artist, it is important to have a number of tools which should be used in certain circumstances. Sometimes the best sounds or effects are when you take something intended for one thing and do something completely different with it. What follows is by no means a comprehensive list of my entire audio toolkit, but these are definitely my favorites.

Physical Instruments

When it comes to composing, sometimes I write directly in my DAW (FL Studio), at my digital piano, guitar, or even bass. Because I have different strengths with different instruments, depending on where I start writing greatly impacts what the song will ultimately become.

  • Casio PX-100 Digital Piano
  • Epiphone Guitar
  • Fender 4 String Jazz Bass, fretless
  • Ibanez 4 String Bass

Favored Software/Plugs


I have a short list of favorite plugs, but a HUGE list that I tap into when creating. By far, Bitcrusher has to be one of my absolute favorites. The ability to send a channel via aux to Bitcrusher with some automation creates some great effects, especially when combined with any number of other plugins. Slayer 2/FX is another great plugin that I'll typically add as a layer. I've used this with vox, pads, and guitars.

  • Bitcrusher
  • Gross Beat
  • GTR Stomp 2
  • Slayer 2 FX
  • Waves DeEsser
  • Waves GTR3
  • Waves L2 Ultramaximizer
  • Waves OneKnob Brighter
  • Waves Tune LT


As of 2022, sforzando is a new discovery for me and I absolutely love it. I've used this as a starting point for a number of tracks and processed the results in so many ways to get something sounding incredibly different.

  • Ample Bass PII Lite
  • Chip32
  • FL Soundfont Player
  • FLEX
  • Peach
  • Real Guitar
  • sforzando
  • Sonic Implants Session Drums, Cymbals
  • Toad
  • Triforce
  • Waves Bass Fingers
  • Waves Grand Rhapsody Piano

DAW/Audio Hardware

  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Behringer BCF2000
  • FL Studio
  • M-Audio BX8 Monitors
  • M-Audio Keystation Mini32-MK3
  • MAGIX Sound Forge
  • PreSonus Audiobox USB96
  • Samson C01
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