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A Front Row Seat to a 2nd Life

About the Album

Unreleased Volume 0b, Dan Swift

A Front Row Seat to a 2nd Life was three years in-the-making. The fundamental concept involves taking a look around at what your life could be or could have been. The lyrical content ranges from "singing" to a "spoken/sing-songy" kind of feel. Characters appearing include:

  • An ace gunslinger at a saloon slinging whiskey while listening to a piano
  • Sailors off the coast of Italy enchanted by the sirens singing
  • The terrifying encounter with the "Hat Man" - is it a night terror or is it a real phenomenon?
  • The struggles of a "celebrity animal" trainer
  • Anonymous millionaire means humility and flying under the radar while helping other people

A Front Row Seat to a 2nd Life is a five song EP. This is the first album written that crosses genres while still woven together. Inspiration for this album is derived from personal experiences, stories, and a wild imagination.



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